What should I post on my social media channels?

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We all know we should be posting and engaging on social media but what on earth should I be posting about?

We look at the top social networking sites:

The top social networking site in the world, their algorithm gives weight to live posts and videos. So get your smartphone out and get filming!!

# Hashtags at the ready! Get in the conversation, what’s trending, what’s currently hot off the press and don’t forget to hashtag!

Let’s talk business and industry news, it’s not the place for posting funny cat videos – well unless that’s your business, is it?

Google+ (as of March 2019, Google+ no longer exists!)
Think image, headline, blog – include keywords but make sure you’re writing for humans not for search engines – remember Google+ content shows up in search results so we really shouldn’t forget about it.

A picture says a thousand words – get snapping and hash tagging and post it all on Instagram!

Got a video? Then YouTube is where you should post it, especially if it’s a how to video! After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine so get your brand out there by video.

Remember the 80/20 rule when posting – people don’t want to be bombarded with sales posts, the more interesting and helpful the content the more engagement you will have.


Business updates – blogs, news articles

Industry News – what’s going on in your industry?

Product promotion – new product, special offer – get these out on your social channels

Tips – become an expert in your field, give hints and tips

Upcoming Events – promote your events, webinars, conferences, live Facebook posts

Quotes – inspirational, funny, thought provoking?

Videos – Facebook especially loves video content so get filming! Upload directly to FB, don’t just share from YouTube

Photos – behind the scenes, interesting creations, your products, your events – everyone loves a picture.

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