What on earth is SEO and why should you care? Well, the bottom line is.. just that it can actually have an impact on your bottom line. No point having a beautiful brand, website, product and service if no one knows who you are or how to find you…

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of working on a brand in order to improve its website’s ranking in search engine results pages. It is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, as it helps businesses attract qualified traffic to their website and increase their online visibility.

There are many factors that go into onsite SEO, including the use of keywords, the structure of a website, and the quality of the content. By optimising these elements, businesses can make it easier for search engines to understand what their website is about and show it to users who are searching for related terms.

As well as all the onsite factors, you need to be active offsite, providing relevant and interesting articles, engaging on social media and generally being proactive about promoting your business online.

But why is SEO so important? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Increased traffic: By ranking higher in search results, a website is more likely to receive traffic from search engines. This can lead to more leads, sales, and overall revenue for a business.
  2. Cost-effective: SEO is often a more cost-effective, long-term strategy to drive traffic to a website compared to traditional forms of advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
  3. Local SEO: Local SEO helps businesses improve their visibility in search results for local customers. For example, if you run a small bakery in Henfield, you want to rank high in search results for terms like “bakery in Henfield” or “best bakery in Henfield.” Local SEO helps you achieve this.
  4. User experience: A well-optimised website is not only easier for search engines to understand, but it is also easier for users to navigate. This can lead to a better user experience, which can help increase the chances of a user becoming a customer.

Overall, SEO is important because it helps businesses attract qualified traffic, is cost-effective, helps with local SEO, and improves the user experience. By investing in SEO, businesses can improve their online visibility and reach, which can lead to increased leads, sales, and revenue.