The Covid-19 excuse

The global pandemic has been at the forefront of our minds and dominated the media for most of 2020 and we know all too well how much pressure it has put on business owners.

In the UK we’re now a good seven months in, and most companies have adapted to staff working from home or put in safety measures to allow them back to work.

But are you still getting the Covid excuse?

‘Sorry, we’re not taking calls at the moment’, ‘Sorry you can’t speak to anyone’, ‘Sorry that service isn’t available’, ‘Sorry your order has taken over three months and is nowhere to be seen’, ‘Sorry, even though you’ve paid for this service, we can’t provide it and you can’t speak to anyone to get a refund’ aaagh.

We do appreciate that there has been catastrophic disruption across the globe, but I really can’t help but feel that some (often big corporates) are using it as an excuse for everything!

I know so many local businesses who are doing completely the opposite, they’ve taken their businesses online, the staff are working from home with the kids and pets at their feet and are still at the end of the phone when customers need them. We’ve all been there when the child/dog/cat/husband/parent (delete as appropriate) comes in right at the crucial part of your zoom presentation! They’re working all hours and providing amazing service to their customers. They’ve spotted opportunities in the market and have grabbed them. They’ve been there for you. A huge well done to all of you who are still there, working tirelessly to keep your business afloat, surviving and innovating. We see you.

And to those who are using Covid as an excuse still… we get it, mistakes happen, things get lost or forgotten – but surely not everything is Covid’s fault, right?

P.S. Sorry for the lack of blogs recently – Covid’s fault! 😉