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LinkedIn is marketed as the social network for professionals. A must have for those in business too especially if you’re selling business to business (B2B). I’ve had an account for a good few years and being in marketing generally have people either selling to me or trying to recruit me. It’s definitely the place to go for job hunting! But where LinkedIn has tried to be a bit different from the other social networks it’s actually made it more difficult for people to network. Here’s some great new features that they have launched, which could really help you grow your network and your business:

Invite people to like your page

This is a fantastic new feature from LinkedIn is coming very soon, a select few pages have it already (including us) and LinkedIn are working to release it to all pages soon. This is brilliant news, we know some businesses have struggled to get people to follow their page or even find them on LinkedIn and this new feature will make it super easy. So, keep your eyes peeled for the option in your admin tools, and you’ll be able to invite your connections to follow your page at a click of a button.
We’ve increased our page visitors by 3,800% in the last 30 days by doing so. That’s pretty good!


Well twitter really did invent the #hashtag and LinkedIn has caught on too. You can now associate your LinkedIn company page with hashtags to join conversations about your business or industry.

Call to action buttons

Again, Facebook had the monopoly on this, now LinkedIn have added these to company pages too, you can customise your call to action buttons at the top of your business page making it easier for people to connect with you and drive conversions.
Sharing posts about your Business
If someone is talking about your business you can now share these posts onto your LinkedIn page or into a group, just like Facebook. This makes it super easy to keep your page up to date with your customer testimonials and product reviews.

Liking posts

On a bit more of a personal note, LinkedIn, like Facebook have realised that ‘liking’ everything just doesn’t cut it! We love to express our emotions in other ways too. So, they’ve rolled out these additional options: Celebrate (clapping hands), Love (heart), Insightful (light bulb), Curious (thinking face) so we can express our feelings with a click of a button… select these the same way you would on Facebook by hovering over the like button if using a desktop or holding down the like button on a mobile.
These features from LinkedIn are making the network much more user friendly and we’re already seeing an increase in activity with more and more consumer companies joining up.
If you’re finding social media a bit of a minefield, we offer monthly management packages, so please do get in touch, we’d love to help ?
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