Hello? Are you still there?

You may be thinking we’ve disappeared off the face of the earth due to the near radio silence on the blog and social media for the past few months, but WE ARE STILL HERE and going strong. I’m taking a back seat for a little while due to the arrival of this little bundle of joy. Meet the latest addition to the Marketing Boutique family – Quinn. Weighing in at an impressive 8lb8oz and gaining pounds every week!

And so I am learning the truth about maternity leave when you own your own business and help your hubby run his – there is no maternity leave! I’m enjoying every second with baby Quinn, however tearing myself away from simply staring at him sleeping to catch up on emails and a few tasks here and there. Luckily for me I have Lucinda keeping the ship afloat, having taken on my clients on top of her own, it has been a very busy summer all round.

Lucinda has been exceptionally busy with one client in particular – Not Your Average I Do, as they have a huge event coming up in September – WedFest – and we know it’s going to be far from average. It’s the perfect event for all those thinking of getting married, I just hope I can get there too!

I have to say a special thanks to Liv at Fit Freedom for making sure I stay fed with nutritious goodness. The Arbonne protein bars have been a life saver, easy to grab and ensure I don’t go hungry on those extra busy days.

And so it won’t be long until I’m back in full marketing swing, but in the meantime for all your marketing needs Lucinda is on hand to get your marketing in shape.

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