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What is a website audit?

A website audit is an analysis of your website including the factors which affect your website’s visibility in search engines.

Do I need to audit my website?

Yes! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly changing, Google regularly updates its algorithm and best practices change. So you need to complete regular website audits to ensure your site is performing, visible and easy for the search engines to crawl.

What should I look for?

Here are the key things to look at:

Are your urls SEO friendly? Do they contain the keywords for that page?

Mobile responsiveness
Is your website optimised for mobile users? Mobile web usage has hit an all-time high overtaking desktop usage for the first time and it’s ever growing, make sure you are optimising the user experience.

Broken links
Check to make sure all the links on your website work, and don’t send users to an error page as this is both annoying for the user and bad for your SEO.

On page
Page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags, internal links and keyword usage all play a critical role on your website’s search ranking.

Check the content on your pages regularly, is it interesting to the website reader? Is it relevant to the customer? Does it answer their question? Give them the information they require? Does it add value? One of the key components of good SEO is providing value to the website user.

Is your content still relevant to your current product or service? Has your business changed, do you no longer sell a product that is listed on your website?

You also need to ensure there is no duplicate content on your website and no two pages are identical or very similar.

Site map
Do you have an html sitemap and have you submitted you xml sitemap to Google and included in your robots.txt file? If not, you need to as this forms an important part of your SEO.

How often should I audit my website?
At the very least once a year. But we recommend around four times a year to make sure things don’t go too awry and problems aren’t left too long.

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